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Mini Strong Absorption Canning Tool

Mini Strong Absorption Canning Tool

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Product information:
Packing: OPP packing
Material: Silicone
Color: white, green

Convenient and fast: The grid is small, suitable for filtering small objects such as bowls, cups, jars, spoons, etc., without the need to use a large colander to drip food and cause waste.
Healthy materials: The filter pan is made of environmentally friendly rubber materials, no peculiar smell, and safe to use. The dishwasher is safer, and the human body is safer.
Easy to clean: The colander will have some residues after use, but the residues are easy to fall off during cleaning, which can prevent silica gel moisture pollution or bacterial growth.
It can be stacked neatly: the small colander is small in size and takes up little space, and can be stacked at will, which can dry water and save space.
Strong adsorption: it can be firmly adsorbed on objects such as cups, cans, etc., it is not easy to fall off during filtration, and it is not easy to stain food.

Canned food is not included.

Packing list:
Canned colander*1

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